Enterprise Data Platform


Cloudera Data Platform combines the best of Hortonworks' and Cloudera's open source technologies with Data Platform- and Data Flow-stacks for a modern information platform. Cloudera offer all of the key capabilities of an enterprise data cloud—hybrid and multi-public cloud, multi-function analytics, shared security and governance services (SDX), and open-source platforms with choice of compute and storage.



Databricks Unified Analytics Platform (from the original creators of Apache Spark™) unifies data science and engineering across the Machine Learning lifecycle - from data preparation to experimentation and deployment of ML applications.


Enterprise Data Integration


The Attunity software portfolio accelerates data delivery and availability, automates data readiness for analytics and optimizes data management with intelligence. Attunity is pioneer in heterogeneous data availability, supporting many styles of integration across the industry's broadest array of platforms and addresses modern databases, data warehouses, SAP, Hadoop and real-time messaging systems such as Kafka, on premises and in the Cloud, as well as legacy mainframe systems.


Data Preparation, Analytics & Visualisation


Trifacta's mission is to create radical productivity for people who analyze data, solving the biggest bottleneck in the data lifecycle – data wrangling – by making it more intuitive and efficient for anyone who works with data.


NoSQL & Real Time Technology


Confluent is an open-source event streaming platform built by the original creators of Apache Kafka® reimagined as an enterprise solution. Streaming data as events enables completely new ways of solving problems at scale."



Neo4j is the world's leading graph database with native graph storage and processing, enabling an easy to understand approach to graph problems with its' Property graph model and Cypher query language.


Industry Partners


T-Systems offers a Hadoop cloud solution in Switzerland, enabling companies to have a bare-metal Hadoop cluster included in a PaaS offer. This leads to an optimal connectivity to the client network and also guarantees that the customer data is only on dedicated hardware in Switzerland. Scigility and T-Systems work closely together for the optimal application of this PaaS.


HP Enterprise

Hewlett Packard has been active in the area of innovation for over 75 years. HP's comprehensive portfolio is part of an innovation strategy that has been developed in order to support organisations of every size - from international conglomerate to startup. Scigility and HP work together to enable and support clients optimally with their digital transformation.



As one of the market leaders for enterprise software, SAP supports companies and organisations with minimizing the negative impact of system complexity, as well as creating new possibilities of innovation and growth to remain competitive. Scigility has specialized in the integration of SAP HANA and Hadoop environments.



Edorex is a Swiss solution integrator working together with Scigility to provide innovative and data driven solutions.



Teradata offers end-to-end data warehousing services as well as solutions for big data analytics, helping companies to become data driven, raising revenue and efficiency, and creating convincing client experiences. Scigility works together with Teradata in order to successfully integrate Hadoop, Teradata Data Warehouse and Teradata AsterData.


Acadamy and Research

Exascale Infolab

We are convinced that in order to offer the best services to our clients, we need to work together with both industry and academic partners – this is why we also contribute to research and the development of big data technologies. To also remain a competent partner with the newest technologies and methods in the future, we work together with the eXascale Infolab on a regular basis.