Installation, Operation & Instruction

Installation, Operation & Instruction

Our DevOps specialists maintain some of the biggest Hadoop Cluster infrastructures in Switzerland! We will build your big data infrastructure, secure it, integrate it into the surrounding environment and help you operate it. It doesn’t matter if your data platform is in a cloud or if you have your own data center. We offer introductions to the theory as well as practical training for big data technology. This includes:

  • Our DevOps specialists build and maintain your infrastructure.
  • We are specialized in secure big data environments and integrating them into identity management infrastructures like Kerberos, LDAP or Active Directory.
  • We provide Continuous Integration Infrastructure so that you can develop and operate data services and data products with agility and stability.
  • We offer tailored Technology Trainings, for example:
    • Hadoop 101 basic course
    • Practical application of Apache Spark
  • Besides technology centered training we also offer workshops for architecture and management aspects, like for example:
    • Big data architecture with use cases in five days
    • Data Lake Concept, Implementation from a legal perspective
  • If you are already using big data technologies and you are asking yourself, if your setup can be optimized, we also offer technology audits. During such an audit we analyze technical aspects, such as installation and configuration of your environment, if the best technology was chosen for the implementation of your Use Case and assess your environment based on our Best of Practice experience.

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