MGB Big-Data-Plattform

MGB Big-Data-Plattform

Founded 1925 by the Swiss pioneer Gottlieb Duttweiler, today Migros is the biggest retailer in Switzerland and organised as a cooperative. In the five strategic business fields cooperative retail, commerce, industry and wholesale trade, financial services as well as travel, Migros offers clients a comprehensive range of products and services. The Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) represents the Migros Group and coordinates business policy, goals and the activity of the 10 Migros cooperatives and affiliated companies.

FMC uses a big data platform (data lake) for multiple functions. A team of Scigility experts delivered highly available solutions with comprehensive security functions including seamless integration with the existing data warehouse. This enables FMC marketing to use various digital channels to better understand customer behaviour. Based on the collected customer behaviour data, new insights can be continuously won and services developed accordingly.

The new platform enables the handling of current and future challenges ensures optimal interplay between batch- and real-time processing. This makes the architecture flexible enough to allow the exchange of technologies and at the same time ensures an efficient, progressive search, analysis and exploration of the data.

With Scigility we have found a reliable and trustworthy partner, who has supported us from the start with subject big data as well as the necessary technology. Both with the conception, the development of the architecture as well as with problem-solving and the implementation of various data processes were we able to profit from their expertise. Together with them, we are able to implement future business requirements quickly.

Renato Walliser, Head of Data Management New Technologies, MGB

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