Hadoop Enterprise Providers


Hortonworks offers two 100% open source technologie stacks with Hortonworks Data Platform and Hortonworks Data Flow for their modern information platform. Since 2013 Scigility is one of the Hortonworks system integrators and was the first Hortonworks partner in Switzerland.



Cloudera offers a modern platform for data management and analytics, that is fast, easy to use and secure.



MapR with their Converged data platform enables companies to generate new benefits and value from their data.


NoSQL and Real Time Technology Providers


Datastax are the driving force behind Apache Cassandra. With the Datastax Enterprise Platform you receive a distributed and highly scalable NoSQL, Search and GraphDB platform, that can be distributed over data centers.

Confluent was founded by the Makers of Apache Kafka. Confluent offers a Realtime processing platform, that allows companies to generate the maximum value for their data streams Since 2016 Scigility is a partner of Confluent.


Analytics und Visualization


Datameer offers a modern BI Platform that builds on Hadoop. With Datameer data pipelines can be created easily. Datameer supports the connecting of new data sources as well as spreadsheet-similar editing of data on Hadoop.


Industry Partners


T-Systems offers a Hadoop Cloud solution in Switzerland. With this solution companies can have a bare-metal Hadoop Cluster included in a PaaS offer, that enables next to an optimal connectivity to the client network also garanties that their data is only on their dedicated hardware in Switzerland. Scigility and T-Systems work closely together for the optimal application of this PaaS for you.


HP Enterprise

For over 75 years Hewlett Packard is active in the area of innovations. HP’s comprehensive portfolio is part of an innovation strategy, that has been developed in order to support organisations of very size - from the international conglomerate to the startup. Scigility and HP work together in order to enable and support clients with the optimal advancement of the digital transformation.



As one of the market leaders for enterprise software SAP supports companies and organisations with the minimizing of the negative impact complex systems can have, as well as creating new possibilities of innovation and growth in order to remain competitive. Scigility has specialized in the integration of SAP HANA and Hadoop environments. We work together with our SAP Partner SEC1.01.



Edorex is a Swiss Solution Integrator. Together with Edorex, Scigility works on innovative, data driven solutions for our clients.



Teradata offers end-to-end data warehousing services as well as solutions for big data analytics, with which you can become a data based company and raise your revenue, efficiency and create convincing client experiences. Scigility works together with Teradata in order to successfully integrate Hadoop, Teradata Data Warehouse and Teradata AsterData.


Acadamy and Research

Exascale Infolab

Scigility is convinced that in order to offer the best services to our clients, we need to work together with industry and academic partners. This is why we also contribute to research and the development of big data technologies. Scigility works with the eXascale Infolab on a daily basis, so that we always remain a competent partner with the newest technologies and methods.