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In the News

Dashcom: le machine learning pour trouver un espace de travail

Springer Big Data - Grundlagen, Systeme und Nutzungspotenziale

European Research Council has just awarded a grant of 2 million euros to Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

Prédire le futur grâce au Big Data - Prof. Dr. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik - Big Data


23rd SBDUG Meetup: Talk about Knowledge Graphs, Networking & Apéro

29.11.2019 More info

22nd SBDUG Meetup: Talks, Networking & Apéro

08.07.2019 More info

Digitalization in the era of GDPR - powered by Scigility, Cloudera, Neo4j and sigma legal

14.09.2018 More info